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  • ·Organizers

    The People's Government of Zhengzhou

    SINOMACH Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    China National Automotive Industry International Corporation

  • ·Supporters

    China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach)

    Superhard Materials Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance

  • ·Co-sponsors

    Industrial Diamond Association of America

    Industrial Diamond Association of Japan

    Abrasive Machining Society of Taiwan

    Precision Tool Grinding Technology Association of Germany

  • ·Sponsors

    Industrial Diamond Association of China

    Abrasives Association of China

    Coated Abrasives Association of China

    SINOMACH Exhibition co., Ltd

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  • Beijing Office:

    SINOMACH Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Address: Room 1504, 100101, Jiali Block #4, Beiyuan Road #180, Chaoyang District of Beijing

    Email: wangqing@cnaico.com.cn

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    Fax: +86-10-88496578 88496579

    Contacts: Wang Qing, Ren Qianru, Zhang Liwen, Pan Xiaoyu

  • Zhengzhou Office

    Superhard Material Sub-association of CMTBA

    Address: Wutong St.#121, High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou, 450001

    Email: szd_841023@163.com

    Telephone: +86-371-6765 8993/6764/0348/6763/3492

    Fax: +86-371-6765 7827

    Contacts: Sun Zhaoda, Wen Shuying, Zhao Bo, Li Zhi

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