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Time:2017-04-12 11:56:49    |   Source:Organizing Committee   |   :2456

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Public policy escort, government & association support

The State Council has paid great attention to abrasives, especially superabrasives and cutting tools owing to their great stimulative effect on modern manufacture industry. The new policy for supporting abrasives development is being drafted by China’s government administration department: Ministry of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission, etc.

The exposition is sponsored by all related associations: Industrial Diamond Association of China, Abrasives Association of China, Coated Abrasives Association of China, China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association, and other associations abroad in America, Japan and Germany, etc.

Exhibitors looking forward, professional audiences gathering

Under the background of continuous innovation of abrasives product, rapid development of abrasives technology and high growth of market capacity, the enterprises urgently need a platform for revealing the latest technical achievements, publicizing and popularizing their products, and extending exchanges and cooperation. The international professional exposition with theme of abrasives and grinding technology is expected by the modern manufacturing.